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JUNE 1, 2011

iPad Donation to Duke Children's 5200 Unit

JUNE 28, 2010

Bone marrow transplant revolution gives Aurora family new hope

MAY 10, 2010

New bone marrow transplant method eases risk

FEBRUARY 21, 2010

Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal stem cell articles

AUGUST 1, 2009

Apartments provide Hope to PBMT families

JULY 8, 2009

Story from KFVS (Cape Girardeau, Missouri) on the signing of HB 716

MARCH 23, 2009

Flexsteel donates furniture for children's home

MARCH 18, 2009

Story from KFVS, Cape Girardeau, Missouri on HB 716 and the family behind the legislation

DECEMBER 16, 2008

The Evanosky Foundation Helps Purchase New Washer and Dryer Units for 5200 Unit at Duke Children’s Hospital

OCTOBER 1, 2008 PAGE 17

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Newborn Screening Laboratory Bulletin

OCTOBER 1, 2008

The Evanosky Foundation Partners with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


Evanosky Foundation gift to help families facing rare disease (From UNC Bulletin - Fall 08)

JUNE 1, 2008

The Evanosky Foundation establishes the John, Christopher, and Jack Evanosky MLD Treatment Fund at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

JUNE 14, 2007

Medical Challenges Don't Stop These Heroic Parents

"One of the perks of writing this column is meeting heroic people. Two of those people are Bob and Sonya Evanosky. About a year ago, I wrote about their struggles with their three children who all have a rare genetic disease. Their two oldest sons, identical twins who are five years old, were…"

JUNE 2, 2007

Heartbroken, but not beaten

"Even using walkers, their twin boys could no longer make it to the park at the end of the block. Bob and Sonya Evanosky knew something was seriously wrong, something that couldn’t be explained by the cerebral palsy diagnosis the previous year. They were right: In December 2004, they learned…"

JANUARY 1, 2007 PAGE 8

The Evanosky Foundation Donates Laptops to Duke's PBMT Program

OCTOBER 22, 2006

Dad runs to help his 3 sons

JULY 27, 2006

Sons' disease leads parents on quest for cure

JULY 12, 2006

The Evanosky Foundation Donates Over $35,000 in Rehab Equipment

MAY 1, 2006

The Evanosky Foundation's newsletter

FEBRUARY 6, 2006

Father Says Thank You With Laptops

FEBRUARY 1, 2006

The Evanosky Foundation "connects" with the Duke Team

JANUARY 27, 2006

Father buys computers for Duke Hospital pediatric unit

JANUARY 27, 2006

Heartfelt gift at Duke

JANUARY 26, 2006

Family, Hewlett-Packard donate computers to Duke Hospital

JANUARY 24, 2006

Son's Lifesaving Transplant Inspires Dad to Donate Laptops to Duke

OCTOBER 1, 2005

The Evanosky Foundation's newsletter